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If you’re struggling with fertility issues, you might qualify for a place in our Supported IVF Program.

Infertility can take a heavy toll, emotionally, physically and financially. If you’ve tried to have a baby and sadly haven’t been successful, consider applying for our Supported IVF Program.

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive IVF treatment with one of America’s best fertility doctors for a fraction of the price of standard clinic fees.

Costing just $10,500, including medication, you’ll save at least $35,000.

Here's how the process works. We’ll match you with a highly experienced IVF specialist.

  • Tick With over 15 years experience working with the medical community, BetterMed has access to 25,000 physicians across the USA, including some of America’s best fertility doctors.
  • Tick If you’re accepted into the program, you will receive:
    • A highly experienced IVF specialist, carefully selected to best suit your particular fertility needs and challenges.
    • As many IVF cycles as you need to get pregnant.
  • Tick The fee is $10,500, which includes all tests and medications. Using our network of outstanding specialists, we will help you create your much-wanted family at a significantly lower cost than normal.
Please note:
  • Our Supported IVF Program is only open to those who have had difficulty getting pregnant, resulting in emotional and financial hardship.
  • This unique program is separate to our fertility financing. We do not offer loans to finance our Supported IVF program.
  • The program is only open to certain applicants. Not everyone who applies can be accepted.

If you think you might qualify for a place in our IVF Program, send us an email at [email protected] and tell us about your situation.

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Our most frequently asked questions.

Email us at [email protected] to tell us about your fertility journey so far. We’ll set up a 15-minute call with one of our team to find out more. Please note, places are strictly limited and not everyone who applies for our Supported IVF Program can be accepted.

Your IVF doctor will continue to treat you until you have a successful pregnancy and birth. As a participant in our Supported IVF Program, you will not be asked to pay any more than $10,500.

No. However there is a program fee, which is due after you have been accepted into the program. This fee is $10,500 and covers all aspects of your IVF treatment, including appointments, procedures, tests and medications.

No. Our Supported IVF Program costs $10,500 including all medication, and you must be able to pay this yourself. BetterMed will not loan you the money.