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A loan for whatever you need.

Use your BetterMed loan to manage hospital bills, doctor visits, prescriptions, medical treatments and even healthcare-related travel. Or use it to consolidate other debts.

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The world’s lowest interest rate.

Our interest rate is just 3.9% — and will never change. You can borrow from $2,000 to $350,000. Why not consolidate all your debt under the world’s lowest rate?

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Totally transparent.

All you pay us — ever — is a single application fee of $999. This covers our admin costs, and pays for your dedicated loan advisor (see below). No hidden costs. No sneaky fees.

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Insured? Welcome.
Not insured? Welcome.

Your loan works with or without medical insurance — you can even use it to pay off premiums and deductibles. Our loans are privately funded, so they won’t tie up your credit like a bank loan.

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Fairer finance.

You won’t need a down-payment and there are no penalties. You get the first three years interest-free. You can also defer repayments for up to three years — without accruing interest. (It’s like putting the whole thing on ice until you’re ready.) And you can take 15 years to pay back your loan. Bad credit? Don’t worry — we’ll work with you to find a solution.

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Consolidate other debts.

Consolidate your other loans and debts (like student debt or credit cards) under our 3.9% interest rate — the lowest in the world. Keep more money in your pocket, and clear your debts faster.

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Unemployment protection.

Life happens. We get it. If something unexpected comes along, like losing a job, we can temporarily pause your repayments while you get back on track.

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We make it personal.

You’ll have a personal advisor for the lifetime of your loan. They’ll be there whenever you need them — processing your application, getting the funds to you, speaking to your insurance company, and helping you manage your repayments.

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