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This depends on a few different factors, including how quickly we receive the information we need to process your application. If you require critical care, you will be approved and receive the funds in hours. Elective procedures usually take at least 30 days.

Find out how to qualify for our 100% Approval Program. After we’ve received your email, we’ll set up a 15-minute telephone call with one of our loan specialists. If you qualify for the Program, we guarantee your loan application will be successful.

For health-related matters, you can borrow from $50,000 to $350,000. This is far higher than any other loan provider, and why BetterMed is the #1 choice for healthcare financing – used by patients, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.

For mortgages, you can borrow from $250,000 to $2 million – and you don’t need a down payment.

No. BetterMed offers the world’s lowest interest rate: 0% APR for 30 years. The difference this makes to your monthly payments is huge. Take a look at our savings table to see how we compare to other loan providers.

Yes. Many people come to us for credit card consolidation, student loan refinancing, business loan refinancing etc.

98% of applications
are approved.