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The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to disclose to you what information BetterMed may collect, how BetterMed may collect it, with whom BetterMed may share it, and certain other matters related to such information, including the choices you have regarding BetterMed’s collection of information and BetterMed’s use and disclosure to other parties of information BetterMed may have collected from you.

When this Privacy Policy uses the term “personally identifiable information” or “personal information” BetterMed means information that identifies a particular individual, such as your full name, street address, date of birth, and/or email address.

Amendments to this privacy policy

BetterMed may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time, at its discretion. Your continued use of the website following the publication of any revised Privacy Policy will be subject to the terms of service in effect at the time of your use. You agree to check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current Privacy Policy.

Types of information that may be collected

From time to time, BetterMed may collect the following information from you:

  • Information you provide to BetterMed, such as your email address or submissions made to BetterMed;
  • Website usage information, such as your IP address and information about the frequency and timing of your visits to BetterMed; and
  • Communications you have sent or received from BetterMed.
  • If you are applying for a loan, BetterMed may require that you provide financial and personal information, including your social security number. BetterMed will only use this information for the purpose of confirming your identity and assessing your creditworthiness, including, if deemed appropriate by BetterMed, disclosing this information to third parties for loan approvals and obtaining a credit report, if deemed appropriate by BetterMed.

While BetterMed may collect such information, it is under no obligation to do so.

How information may be collected

BetterMed may collect information from you in several different areas on the website, including but not limited to:

  • Information may be collected from you when you complete an online registration form and provide personally identifiable information. Your decision to register is voluntary and you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not to disclose information to BetterMed;
  • If you provide submissions to BetterMed, BetterMed will retain the information provided in these submissions;
  • When you access this website, BetterMed may store a “cookie” on your computer. A “cookie” is a common bit of code which identifies your web browser whenever your computer visits the website. Through the settings on your web browser settings, you may block BetterMed’s use of cookies, at your discretion. If your web browser permits BetterMed’s use of cookies, BetterMed may use the information collected from these cookies to let BetterMed know how often you have visited the website, and what pages you have accessed on the website. This allows BetterMed to learn what areas of the website are popular, and helps BetterMed continue to improve the manner in which it provides services to you;
  • BetterMed may utilize web beacons and other tracking technology, which includes data embedded within the website that permits BetterMed to analyze the traffic patterns on the website. Such embedded data may be transmitted to either BetterMed or another party authorized by BetterMed to receive such information. BetterMed may collect the IP addresses from which you access the website. This information, which may be combined with other information from the website, is a unique identifier through which you access the Internet.
  • When you request information from the website, “click-stream data” is provided by BetterMed’s computers. This data may include such information as the page served, the time, the source of the request, and the type of browser making the request, the preceding page view and other such non-personal information. When analyzed, this data helps BetterMed analyze how visitors arrive at the Website, what type of content is most popular, what type of visitors in the aggregate are interested in particular kinds of content and advertising, and the like.
  • BetterMed may request information from users on the Website via surveys, questionnaires or contests. Participation in these surveys or contests is completely voluntary. You are not required to participate or disclose any information for a survey or contest. In cases where BetterMed uses a third party to conduct these surveys and contests, the third party may not use your personally identifiable information for any secondary purpose.

Any information collected by BetterMed will be stored on BetterMed’s computers. Please note that these computers, and any related backups of these computers, may be located outside of your jurisdiction, and may be subject to local laws regarding production of this information to governmental or other authorities. Although BetterMed takes all reasonable steps to protect your information, BetterMed will comply with any legal request for production of information to governmental or other authorities.

How BetterMed uses the information collected

BetterMed owns the information collected on or through the Website. As applicable, the information you provide to BetterMed may be used to:

  • contact you about the Website or BetterMed or its subsidiaries and affiliates;
  • contact you relating to your registration status;
  • monitor or improve the use of the Website; customize the content you see;
  • and monitor compliance with BetterMed’s terms and conditions of use of the Website.

Your information will not be used for third party marketing or commercial purposes, other than as set forth herein.

With whom the information may be shared

At times, BetterMed may share your personal information with BetterMed’s agents, vendors, or other entities or individuals that perform functions on BetterMed’s behalf. Examples include sending e-mails, analysis of the Website, and analyzing data. These agents or vendors may have access to personally identifiable information needed to perform their functions, but may not use or disclose it for other purposes, like sending you marketing offers about their products.

If you provide information to BetterMed for the provision of financial services by independent persons (“Lenders”), you understand and agree that this information will be shared with Lenders and their agents, and the information will be used by the Lenders to determine your eligibility for financial services. By submitting an application for financial services, you authorize the Lenders and their agents to obtain and review your financial information, including credit reports (if applicable) to determine your creditworthiness.

When authorized by you, you agree that BetterMed and Lenders may communicate directly with your insurance provider.

Public information

Any information that you may reveal in a review posting or other online discussion or forum may be open to the public. You should think carefully before disclosing any personally identifiable information in any public forum. What you have written may be seen and/or collected by third parties and may be used by others in ways we are unable to control or predict.

Links to other websites

You should be aware that when you are on the Website you could be directed to other websites beyond BetterMed’s control. These other websites may send their own cookies to you, independently collect data or solicit personal information and may or may not have their own published privacy policies. If you visit a website that is linked to the Website, you should consult that website’s privacy policy before providing any personal information.


The Website incorporates reasonable safeguards to protect the security, integrity, completeness, accuracy and privacy of the personal information that BetterMed may collect and BetterMed has put into place reasonable precautions to protect such information from loss, misuse and alteration. Your personally identifiable information is transferred to BetterMed’s computers utilizing encryption software. Only those employees who need access to your information in order to do their jobs are allowed access. BetterMed’s security policies are reviewed periodically and revised as required.

Accuracy of information

BetterMed processes personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. BetterMed though, must depend on you and our other users to provide, accurate, complete and current information and to update or correct their information whenever necessary. BetterMed does not and cannot monitor or pre-screen the information that you provide for accuracy and completeness but takes reasonable steps to ensure that we accurately process and maintain the information that you provide.

Children’s privacy

The Website is a general audience website. On the Website, BetterMed does not knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of eighteen. Should BetterMed learn that it has collected any personal information from children under the age of eighteen, BetterMed will promptly delete such information.

Date of last revision: 11 January 2019

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