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At BetterMed, we combine straightforward medical financing with generous borrowing terms, flexible repayment plans, and the lowest interest rate in the world – now just 0% APR. It's a fair, affordable way for patients to manage their healthcare costs.

Treatment without barriers.

By breaking down the barriers to healthcare, we make it easy for people to afford the treatment they need. When they need it. So you can reach more patients. And substantially increase your practice’s revenues.

Sharing the load.

From dispute resolution to debt consolidation, and even compassionate grants, we’re there for your patients. Every step of the way. So medical bills get paid faster. And you’re free to focus on what you do best.

We take on your admin.

We negotiate directly with insurance companies to get your patient’s bills paid in full. It means there's less admin for you. And you get back a greater percentage of the patient’s fees.

Medical financing made simple.

Once their loan is approved, we send payment straight to your office. It’s fast, efficient and hassle free.

Trusted by the best.

Patients come to us from some of America’s most prestigious hospitals and medical centers, including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins Hospital, to name but a few. It’s a testament to the exceptional service we offer each and every patient.

You’re in control.

We don’t get involved with how you charge, or what you charge. It’s your practice, your prices. And once we’ve paid your fees, we collect payment from the patient. Their repayments become our responsibility.

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