Become part of a worldwide network of excellent doctors. Get your practice in front of thousands of patients. What are you waiting for?

Choices, choices

When it comes to healthcare, patients want as many options as they can get. BetterMed gives them more choice. Which is why offering it to your patients, gives you a competitive edge.

Seal of approval

When you tell patients you’re a BetterMed doctor, they’ll instantly know they’re about to get exceptional care. That’s because we only ever work with the best. And who doesn’t want the best?

Goodbye, hassle

Payments are made immediately, so you can kiss accounts receivable, billing, and collections goodbye. Cash flow: improved. Overheads: lowered.

Guaranteed approval

Yes, you read that right. Since BetterMed is a volume provider, we have a program where your patients can enjoy guaranteed approval on a set minimum of patients. This ensures that your patients will go through with their treatments.

Give your patients the best deal

BetterMed is the world’s best healthcare financing program. Hands down. We offer loans from $2,000 to $350,000 for all kinds of healthcare expenses – including prescriptions – at the lowest interest rate available anywhere. Patients can defer payment for up to two years, interest-free, and take up to 15 years to repay their loan.

It’s a great deal to offer your patients – and one that lets them focus on getting better.

Give yourself the best deal

Our service is entirely free. No membership fees, and no sneaky hidden fees.

We never get involved in what you charge, either. Your practice, your prices. What we do is help your patients pay for their treatments (instead of putting it off), which means increased revenues for you.

More patients, and happier patients. It’s win-win-win.

Treat more patients