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Investment property loan for Lucas

A 0% BetterMed loan kickstarted Lucas’s rental property business. Only BetterMed understood the potential of his investment property plan, allowing him to buy two multi-family homes without a down payment. His properties bring in $35,000 a month, delivering a significant profit.

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A video containing a testimonial from Lucas, a BetterMed customer.
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Investment property loan for Lucas

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Construction loan to mortgage for Natalie

Natalie and her husband wanted to build a bigger home for their family, but mainstream borrowing costs were too high. With a 0% interest rate and no down payment required, only BetterMed was able to deliver a mortgage that Natalie could afford.

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Refinance loan for Julie

After separating from her husband and struggling with rapidly rising interest rates, Julie was in danger of losing her home. She applied to BetterMed, went through our standard financial evaluation and was rewarded with a 0% refi. Her monthly repayments are now less than half of what they were.

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