Supporting you through the coronavirus pandemic.

0% Loans

These are challenging times. If you’re concerned about managing financially, we’re offering 0% loans to help with loss of income, business expenses, mortgage payments and more.

The financial assistance you need. The financial assistance you can afford. Too often, those are two different things.

BetterMed is changing that. We offer privately-funded loans, at a lower interest rate than anyone else. Just 0%.

To us, every borrower is a person — never a number. We’ll work directly with you to determine what you need, what you can afford, and how to get you the financial assistance you need.

You’ll pay zero interest for the entire life of the loan. And if it helps, you can also wait for up to one year before you start repaying anything.

US, Europe, and the world — get ready for fairer finance.

The world’s lowest interest rate.

0% Loans

Your rate will never increase.

Frozen rates

You can take 15 years to repay.

Repay your loan over 30 years

98% of applications
are approved.